Thursday, March 17, 2011


I am realizing that the "Blogosphere" is getting huge!!  There is a blog out there for everything.  My favorite thing to do these days is to get on blogs when I come home from work.  I start off with, then hop on over to any blog related to hers.  She inspires me to paint, decorate, and make-over my home.  Sometimes I get a little stressed and want to start changing things around, or buying new things. Which I know Mr. Paul loves!

Also, since I am now working full time at Anthropologie, I love getting on a customer of ours,, and of course the Anthroholic blog.  These ladies have the best taste in fashion I have ever seen.  They give great ideas on how to style different outfits at work, and to help dress my self.  Speaking of, why can I dress people for a living, but have the hardest time picking out clothes for myself?  I feel like I have really spent a lot of money on stuff that I never wear. I hate that!

Anywho,  I really want to start a new blog, maybe about painting, furniture, life as a newly wed, quarter of a century girl (since I will be 25 in April!).

We shall see!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It has been a While. . . .

Well since August of last year, Paul and I are officially moved into our new home in San Antonio, Texas.  Paul's company has continued to grow and built a new office in San Antonio.  What a wonderful challenge, considering the day before we found out we were moving, I was hired on full time with Catholic Charities.  I was excited, yet disappointed to leave my first "real" job behind.  I was also sad to leave Paul and I's first home together. The hardest part about leaving was the friendships that I had made in the 8 months that I had lived there.  Rebecca and Jason our neighbors were truly a God sent.  Paul and I spent our first Easter with them and their family.  Their children were like my younger brothers and sisters (that I never had).

Also, I had met another friend, Brandy.  Her and I made a friendship so fast. We took way too many trips to Hobby Lobby, Good Wills, and up to her successful shop, Checkered Duck.  I was a part of their family as well.  Her children made me laugh and smile and I miss them so much, along with the Chamberliss family.  God put us together at such a perfect time.  I have yet to make another friend like her since out of High School.  So life in Corpus Christi, I grew to love.  I was surrounded by two of my closest friends, oh and Dairy Queen. Yikes! Looking back, I wish I would have embraced Calallen when I had first moved there. I miss using my one street, no traffic, and simple lifestyle there.

I also miss St. Peter's.  This is a true example of faith and trusting in God.  The first day I walked in, I was in tears because of feeling homesick. I sat and listened to the first reading, and it was from Paul and I     's reading from our wedding.  It brought me to even more tears. Way beyond that example, the people at that church, were the most supportive and loving people.  They taught me to always turn to God and the joys of receiving communion everyday of the week.

Whew.  I am trying to put all my feelings down, so I can look back and enjoy reading about my first home away from home.  Now in San Antonio, we have also made some friends.  I am working at Anthropologie, a store that I believe sums up who I am (colorful, indecisive, creative).  I feel at home there and continue to look for social work jobs.

I am also trying to continue Cute Chic and Unique and learning to sew.  It has been such an eventful for year for Paul and I, and my family. For now, thats all I will write (which is a little too much).  I will try to continue writing on here and maybe get some pictures posted.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Items!!! That I love!

For any more information such as dimensions go to!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Picture Frames GALORE!!!

I love taking these old picture frames and sprucing them up!!  I am starting to sell on Etsy! why not?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trash to Treasure!!!

Here is what we have been working on! By the way, in the previous post with the floral picture, it sold! Yes, and also a gold mirror posted on our site sold, too! We are so excited! So do you want the before and afters of our new projects?? Here you go!

Antique and very old cabinet! (the moulding on top was added by Paul)

The finished product! Voila!

Mirror Before
(It wasn't bad, but wanted a little something else)

The after!!! Love this!

I love finding pieces and redoing. . . ahhhh!!

Now for the non Gushy moments of our 1st Easter together

Paul and I started our morning with yes, super yummy donuts! We then got ready and headed to mass at the Cathedral where the Bishop did mass. We then headed home for Easter Baskets!!! I was so excited to give Paul his Easter Basket, what every man needs in his basket: a new paintbrush(that his lovely wife ruined OOPS!), sponge paintbrushes, sanding blocks, flip flops to ruin for being in the garage and yard work, new socks, masks for all our painting, and lots and lots of yummmmmy candy (all his favorites!)

Paul opted for a beautiful blue flower pot instead of a basket, a book by fav author that I didn't have yet, and Taylor Swift Cd! So fun!

We spent the rest of our day working in our garage on some projects for our etsy website and then had a barbecue with our next door neighbors and their three kids. And yes here of pics of a Mexican tradition that happened while we were in the garage. You won't see Paul because he ran inside and locked the door! haha got to love him!

Our Easter Baskets

Paul loving his new paintbrush!

My neighbors and I, after attacking us with confetti eggs! Notice all the confetti on the driveway!

Happy Easter!

Whew, what a wonderful and blessed Holy Week. This year I was able to attend all the services (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday). I cannot sum up all my emotions about this week. Since moving to Corpus Christi, besides my husband Paul, the church has been my strength. It is funny how when life changes how much your relationship with the Lord changes. I am not one to be so open about my relationship with God, but I am slowly learning to be able to put it into words (and also can't help but talk about it with everyone around me.)

For the first time in my life, I attended Holy Thursday mass. I know, I know, I can't believe it, but after attending it for the first time, I pray that I will be able to make it there in the coming years. What an important mass!! It is the Last Supper for Jesus, him knowing the sacrifices that he was about to make for everyone in the world. Our priest said, "yes this is the last supper, but really the first supper." Jesus presents to his disciples the Eucharist, saying "Do this is memory of me." This is the first time that Jesus presents Holy Communion to his disciples. How powerful that is. Every Sunday, I am blessed with receiving communion, but come on have I realized the importance! Not until attending Holy Thursday this week. Jesus has given us the opportunity to receive this gift every single day and Sunday to come to the table and become one with him in the Holy Eucharist. Man, I have been missing this all my life.

And Good Friday, how important is this mass to attend. We relive the Passion of Jesus. And then we are able to show reverence to the Crucifix. The priest was saying during his homily, the importance of having a crucifix in your home. (I will definitely be looking for one for Paul and I)!

Then Easter Sunday, the greatest mass of the year. But this Bishop was saying, "Yes this is the greatest mass of the year, but we have the opportunity EVERY single Sunday to attend most Holy Mass." Whew. . . and in his homily he talked about selfishness. How when becoming married you practically die to yourself, so that you can fully give yourself to your spouse and when this happens your love for one another will continue to grow. Paul and I smiled and looked at each other.

Anyways, I had such a wonderful week and Easter Sunday and could not help but write about it on here. What a changing time for me. I even started crying when the babies were getting baptized. How important the responsibility for Parents and Godparents to shape the babies life in living a life in communion with Jesus. I also think the tears were because in two weeks, John Paul (my new nephew) will be getting baptized and I have been chosen to be his Godmother.

Man, I could go on and on. So although I was upset that this would be the first holiday without my parents or family around, I made it through it, and Paul and I had the most special Easter Sunday with one another. Paul is a wonderful husband always being supportive, God knew what he was doing when he brought us together :)